Poll: What was the Best Stuff of 2011?

[UPDATE: Voting is closed. Thanks, everyone!]

This is an entirely non-scientific poll that I’m just gonna throw out here on Tumblr.

What I’m looking for are your favorite picks in each of the following categories:

  1. Movie
  2. Television show
  3. Book
  4. Music (album, not single or band)
  5. Internet meme
  6. Website (other than your own)

So, for example, here is what a ballot might look like: "(1) Jack & Jill (2) Whitney (3) ‘Troublemaker’ by Christine O’Donnell (4) ‘Here and Now,’ Nickelback (5) Rebecca Black (6) myspace.com"

Just leave your responses in the answer box below, and I will tally up the results sometime on Friday afternoon. And then we will have a definitive and unimpeachable list of all the cool stuff.