If you were only allowed to hate one celebrity


Would you pick Anne Hathaway or Jared Leto?

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    ABSOLUTELY anne hathaway - that’s not even a question
  2. blindlanding answered: anne hathaway
  3. garciaquesadilla answered: Jared Leto
  4. greybanshee answered: Jared Leto
  5. tonyplaysthemambo answered: Jared Leto. Hands down.
  6. roseisarose answered: Jared Leto
  7. melatoninmelancholy answered: Anne Hathaway
  8. crackinwise answered: Zooey Deschanel
  9. lovetherain314 answered: Neither
  10. monainred answered: Jared Leto
  11. jewpid answered: Jared Leto
  12. ajarly answered: jared leto
  13. rainetoday answered: jared leto
  14. daanwindhorst answered: No.
  15. sarahsobessions answered: Kristen Stewart.
  16. cuntyvirago answered: Anne Hathway
  17. lasanha answered: Gwyneth Paltrow
  18. chwalbrise answered: lamou pi fo pase lahen
  19. toastlove answered: Anne Hathaway
  20. jessicarenno answered: anne hathaway
  21. summerlovescats answered: chris brown
  22. callsmemolls answered: Anne
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    anne, no hesitation.
  24. i-am-so-impressive answered: Anne Hathaway duh
  25. katwd answered: Jared Leto. No contest.
  26. lazymercenary answered: Gwyneth Paltrow
  27. dennanizer answered: Anne Hathaway
  28. douglasmartini answered: Jared Leto forever. Second-place is not even close.
  29. cardboardcutouthistorian answered: jared leto
  30. sexuallyfabulousghoul answered: Kristen Stewart
  31. the-lochtess-monster answered: Jared Leto
  32. chiliwithachanceofnoodles answered: anne hathaway
  33. fuckmaniknowbuthey answered: Yeah, Jared Leto got the game on lock.
  34. unicorntaming answered: Anne Hathaway
  35. marlo-noni answered: Jared Leto
  36. doyourwardance answered: I don’t get the Anne Hathaway hate. I think she’s great! ugh…but Jared Leto is ridic.
  37. stations answered: Jared Leto
  38. imathers answered: How is this even a question? Leto Leto Leto forever. Hathaway’s not even in the running.